NASA Space Apps Challenge

Announcing the 2024 NASA International Space Apps Challenge Theme


Hello NASA Space Apps community,

We are excited to announce this year’s theme, “The Sun Touches Everything,” in collaboration with NASA Heliophysics’ celebration of the Helio Big Year! This year’s theme illuminates the expansive reach of the Sun and its influence on every aspect of our environment. We celebrate the Sun’s interconnectedness and how its presence reaches every community around the globe, mirroring the reach of the global NASA Space Apps community.

NASA’s Heliophysics Division studies the nature of the Sun and its influence on Earth and space. The Sun is the primary source of energy for Earth, influencing climate, weather, and ecosystems, which are also challenges NASA Space Apps Challenge participants address. NASA Heliophysics has invited the world to celebrate “Helio Big Year” (Oct. 2023 - Dec. 2024), making heliophysics science and information accessible to all and celebrating the Sun’s influence on Earth and the entire solar system through events and citizen science opportunities.

Watch our 2024 Theme Announcement

Join us on X, Instagram, and Facebook each week as we celebrate this year’s theme! Keep an eye out for upcoming opportunities to engage with the global NASA Space Apps community on socials:

  • Week of June 24:
    • Share a piece of Sun related performance art that inspires you. It can even be your own!
    • Weekly Read: “The Sun Touches Everything” blog post.
  • Week of July 1: Share your Sunny Submissions! Share a sunrise and sunset from wherever you are in the world.
  • Week of July 8: Test your knowledge about the Sun with #SpaceApps Trivia on IG Stories, X, and Facebook.

Mark your calendars! Registration for the 2024 NASA Space Apps Challenge opens on July 18. Get ready to join us as we celebrate the influence of the Sun and NASA Space Apps on everyone, everywhere on October 5-6.


Over and out,

The NASA Space Apps GO Team 🚀